Docker for Web Developers (book & video course)

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Docker is the most useful web development tool you're not using!

How can Docker help you?

Web development benefits include:

  • quick installation of dependencies such as servers, databases, WordPress etc.
  • dependencies are isolated and do not your PC
  • simpler local development and risk-free experimentation
  • distribute your application to anyone regardless of their OS, editor, or tools
  • live server deployments are guaranteed to work and can be scaled

Despite this, Docker is shunned by web developers. It's considered too technical, unnecessary, or something for DevOps experts. Terminology can be impenetrable. Tutorials never explain how to use Docker during development.

About this course

This course offers a concise and practical book and video guide. You'll be able to use Docker and Docker Compose within minutes.

Quick start examples demonstrate how to:

  • install and run a MySQL database on your development PC
  • create a full WordPress development environment
  • build a simple Node.js site and REST API using Docker
  • create a complex quiz application using NGINX, MongoDB, and Node.js
  • make live coding updates and debug with Chrome DevTools and VS Code

Other topics include:

  • how Docker works and web project benefits
  • how to install Docker on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • how to manage containers with Docker and Docker Compose
  • how to push your application to Docker Hub
  • an introduction to live deployment using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
  • where to get further assistance

Is this course for you?

The course is beginner-friendly and aimed at web developers. You need a little understanding of how web technologies mesh together but, if you've ever built and deployed a web site, you know enough to get started.

The full course provides:

  • a 192-page book in PDF, epub, and Kindle mobi formats
  • more than 90 minutes of video tutorials
  • all example source code for use in your own projects
  • a private chat room to discuss Docker options and issues with me and others on this course (an invite will be sent within a few days of purchase)
  • ongoing updates as Docker changes occur.

See for book excerpts and example videos.

Satisfaction guaranteed

I want you to be completely satisfied and excited about using Docker in your web development projects. If not, contact me with your feedback and you'll get a full refund.

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192-page PDF, epub, and Kindle mobi eBook
more than 90 minutes of video to stream online
example code
to use and adapt for your own projects
private chat room
discuss Docker concepts and problems with others taking this course
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Docker for Web Developers (book & video course)

0 ratings
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